We are tida, a training provider using the inclusive diversity approach throughout our educational videos and workshops. Welcome aboard! 

The inclusive diversity approach will help you and your team discover new ways to develop more conscious and caring attitudes that will benefit the workplace and our communities. Through a series of online courses, we offer everyone the chance to self-develop and progress towards fairer thought patterns and actions, making positive adjustments to help create a more equal, diverse and inclusive society free from discrimination and racism.

Our mission is to enable and assist everyone, including workplaces, the public sector, children and young people, to enhance their personal, social and emotional development by providing a framework that educates and promotes: equality, diversity, inclusion and empowerment.

We want to remove the tick box and tokenistic approach to multiculturism, diversity and discrimination by creating a fully inclusive society where everyone feels comfortable in their skin. We also want to see multicultural and diversity practices embedded into workplaces, communities and classrooms.

We believe that we must create a society that embraces change and difference whilst giving everyone equal opportunities. Here at Tida, we have developed a culture with values that champion compassion and understanding to ensure equality, diversity and inclusion are always at our business’s heart. Kindness and compassion are at the core of everything that we do.

TIDA Online Courses - Diversity

Positive changes

Although everyone can’t look at life using the same lens and hold the same views and values, we can all make positive changes.

We can:

  • Learn about human behaviour and why we act and think how we do.
  • Endeavour to be self-aware and acknowledge our behaviour, thoughts and body language when we are around others.
  • Self – reflect and check our motivations. 
  • Learn to develop existing Empathic skills as only then can we truly comprehend other people’s frames of reference (essentially, this means walking in someone else’s shoes).
  • Understand what discrimination and racism are and the implications on society.
  • Know the importance of our identity.
  • Build our resilience; With this knowledge, we can empower ourselves in the face of adversity.
TIDA Online Courses - eQuality

Paving the way for change 

By working to make positive changes within ourselves, we help pave the way for change in our workplaces and communities. 

Tida is more than just a training provider; we are a community of like-minded people on a mission to enlighten and empower people. We believe that by giving people the facts, they can take positive action for themselves and our society, helping to break down unfair treatment barriers and loss of opportunities that so many people unfairly face. 

To help others challenge their limiting beliefs, we take a holistic and anti-bias approach and infuse the transformative power of yoga, meditation and general well-being in the core of tida. This allows us to instil positive self-esteem and confidence in those we work with. 

To find out more, simply get in touch with a member of our team today. Alternatively, browse our range of online diversity training courses here.  

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