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And here we have it… Sisters Stacey and Amy are the driving forces behind Tida with a vision to make positive changes toward a more fair and equal society. Together, they are dedicated to creating a company that spreads the word about equal rights and opportunities for everyone regardless of gender, race, or background. They believe that everyone deserves a fair chance to succeed, and they are committed to creating an environment where everyone can reach their full potential. Thanks to their vision and dedication, the company is thriving and making a positive impact on the world.

Amy’s professional background is an Ofsted registered childminder in 2011, running a successful provision for seven years. Amy has completed a 1st Class BA Hons Early Childhood Studies degree at Teesside University and Masters in Trauma-Informed Practice (Education). Throughout her studying, she always completed her modules to a high standard, relating the assignments to her passion for embedding the needs of each child and their identity into the classroom and has identified gaps in research within multicultural education in the UK. As this subject is close to her heart and own personal experiences, she has developed a deep passion for creating change in society. Amy is mum to Uziah, Itai, Tida, Nesta and step mum to Malachi. She is also human mum to Midas. You will meet everyone as you read on.

Stacey’s professional background is in the dental profession, where she has worked in clinical and management roles. She has used her knowledge of online education to create the Tida platform, which combines her creative skills with her understanding of online education. In addition to her work in the dental profession, Stacey also teaches holistic therapies in yoga, meditation and pelvic health facilitation. Stacey is mum to Alberta and Fabian and human mum to Milly, who you will meet shortly as part of the Tida Team.

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Tida Masvaure

Tida Masvaure

Inspirational Quotes Director

More about Tida

My name Ezekiel means ‘God’s will” and was chosen for me by my parents and older brothers before I was born. Anotida is a Shona name from Zimbabwe, which my Ambuya (Grandma) chose for me and means ‘He loves us’. My mum started calling me Tida as a nickname when I was only a few days old.

I love to draw, and my favourite subject is science. I am a bit of a joker. I love to tell jokes and play pranks on my family.

My job title in the business is – Inspirational Quotes Director. So if you see a thought-provoking statement, it’s probably come from me.

It’s pretty awesome to be part of all of this and have a company named after me.

Itai Masvaure

Itai Masvaure

Inclusion and Diversity Director

More about Itai

I am Itai, and my name is super unique to my family because my Ambuya (Grandma) wanted to call my dad this when he was born.

Itai is a Shona name from Zimbabwe and means ‘free spirit’ or ‘just do it’ and it’s important for me to let you know that I am the most stubborn in my family, so it suits me!

I am always told I have the most beautiful soul. Although I still don’t fully understand what that means, my mum tells me those that come into contact with me are blessed.

In March 2020, I had a mild Covid infection. Fifteen months later, I have a range of health complications which has impacted my life drastically. I can no longer play football or rugby because of the pain in my joints. I have seizures now and I also have motor and verbal tics. Sometimes I can’t remember simple things or follow simple instructions. I need lots of help at home. It really sucks sometimes because I want to be able to run around with my brothers and play the sports I love.

Even though I am not too well, my tics make our family laugh, especially when I urge to throw my dinner or growl when I get mad. I sound pretty fierce! Laughter is the best medicine.

My job title is Inclusion and Diversity Director, helping those around me to see things through a different lens.

  Uziah Masvaure

Uziah Masvaure

Marketing Director

More about Uziah

I am Uziah Shosho named after my mum’s great grandfather and Uziah means ‘Strength of the Lord’. Mum already had my name picked out way before she met my dad; luckily, he loved it too. Shosho is my dad’s nickname, and guess what! Yep, mum also chose this for me!

Growing up in a predominately white area has not been easy. The first time I experienced racism was at the age of 4. I was playing out with my older cousin T from Leeds. He told my mum what had happened because I didn’t know what it meant. I just knew that it made me feel bad. I can still feel that feeling if I think about it too long. Just two weeks ago, I was told by a fellow pupil at school to ‘get back to my own country. So, this racism thing kind of sticks around when you look like me. It’s not easy, it hurts, and it can make you feel pretty rubbish about yourself.

I have worked really hard and have learnt how to cope during these situations, it’s not easy to be me, but I love being me.

Boxing at my local club has given me self-confidence, the ability to walk away or stand up, speak out, and, most importantly, believe in myself. My parent’s motto is ‘kill them with success’.

Although, it’s been a rough ride, in my young life, I have already learned so much. I am grateful for those lessons. I only surround myself with good people and will always protect those closest to me.

I am the Marketing Director for Tida and I’m looking forward to leaving school this year to work on our full business time. Remember, always be yourself and don’t follow the crowd. Be that person that walks away from aggression and the one who stands up to injustice. Be the voice for those who can’t speak. Be the protector of your mind.

Nesta Masvaure

Nesta Masvaure

Occupational Entertainment and Positive Mental Health Director

More about Nesta

I was named Nesta in remembrance of my dad’s sister, my aunty Esther. Bob Marley also carried the name Nesta and everyone loves a bit of Bob, right! My middle name is Little and it was chosen by my dad to honour my grandad on my mum’s side. I was going to be called Little Nesta, but then mum and dad just thought it would sound weird as I got older. Imagine you’re a 30-year-old guy waiting for a doctor’s appointment and your name Little Nesta is called out. Embarrassing or what!

I am known as the sunshine in our family’s life because I always smile, laugh or tell you, ‘oooohh you’re so cute’. My aunty Stacey thinks everyone needs a Nesta in their life.

I love to play with my big brothers and cousins. I love to sing and dance. If you follow my mum on social media, you have probably seen me busting my moves. Good job I got dads genes in that department (sorry mum). I love to eat fruit and would eat strawberries all day long if mum let me. At our allotment, I help by picking and eating all the strawberries and I get a bit cross if anyone asks to share them.

My job role at Tida is currently Occupational Entertainment and Positive Mental Health Director. My smile will light up a room and I give our team the best, biggest cuddles when life gets a bit hectic and stressful, and my little wiggly walks give everyone belly laughs. I am the youngest of Team Tida and the next generation.

Alberta Firman

Alberta Firman

Creative Director

More about Alberta

I am Alberta, the only girl child in Team Tida, completely outnumbered by the boys. However, I am a force to be reckoned with!

My name was given to me because my parents love the Blues, and a song called Alberta was one of their favourites. Coincidentally or fate, my pop and grandad on my mum’s side, have Albert as their forename. My name suits me because it means noble and bright, so I’m living up to that and shining my way through life.

I have a deep-rooted passion for taking time for self-care. Mum has taught me to be the best version of myself. I must take great care of looking after myself physically and mentally and, tune into my feelings and follow my own heart in life. One of my super strengths is my stubborn streak because it gives me the confidence to stand my ground and speak out if I disagree or there’s an injustice. Once I’m in that zone, there’s no way I’m backing down.

I love arts, crafting and designing. I also love filling my bedroom with crystals and candles and listening to music.

My job title is Creative Director for our business. I love to have input into the design and development aspects of Tida.

Fabian Firman

Fabian Firman

Head of Leadership in Kindness and Empathy

More about Fabian

My name Fabian was chosen for me because it was unusual, and my parents loved it. It is also very popular in France, and when I was young, mum and dad took me and my sister, Alberta, on a trip travelling around France. I guess this is where my sense of adventure and love for camping comes from.

I am a big smiler and a pretty happy kid. I love to try new things and don’t really need any encouragement to try something new because I am usually the first in line. I love to make people happy and check that everyone is ok, especially my mum, because she is super special to me. I am a people person and team player, usually naturally taking charge. Mum says I possess great leadership skills and can plan and make decisions, not just for myself but for those around me. I also like to ask a million questions every day because this helps me make sense of the world. I am also quite sensitive, like my cousin Itai. I think this is because I am in tune with myself and my environment.

I hate bullying and injustice. I will always stand up to bullies for myself or for others. It’s just something I am passionate about. I also have a great sense of humour once because I once asked my teacher to read my name during registration as Fabian, meatball, beef tomato, electric storm salad! I loved that teacher because she did it for a whole week.

My job title is Head of Leadership in Kindness and Empathy for our business. It’s important everyone is happy at work because it makes them more productive.

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