Workplace: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion


Equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace are vital to building a harmonious team where everyone feels respected and valued. Promoting an inclusive environment also allows acceptance and understanding towards those around us and the wider community. This gives everyone a basis to build a successful career without fear of discrimination. It also creates a positive working ethos and offers the opportunity for progression if desired.

This training course is designed to give you a clear understanding of what equality, diversity and inclusion means to us all, and how we can achieve this together at home, in the community and in our workplaces.

During the course you will learn what equality, diversity and inclusion means to all of us. You will learn how stereotyping and prejudice can lead to discrimination and other unwanted behaviour. You will learn about the different types of discrimination and how discriminatory views are formed in the first place.

The course will cover the equality laws in the UK and how we must abide by them in the workplace. You will learn about your role and your employer’s role to ensure equality, diversity and inclusion is promoted and upheld.

This course is suitable for employers, managers and employees.

Learning Duration: 60 minutes

Format: Video with narration, multiple choice questions.