As we start the new year, it’s an excellent opportunity to make positive changes in our workplace. From team recruiting and inductions to team meetings and collaboration, having an atmosphere of equality is vital.

Team recruitment should be handled with fairness and without bias (read more about unconscious bias) and interviewing teams should consider each candidate’s qualifications and experience ensuring that the most suitable and qualified candidate is chosen for the role.

Inductions should be conducted thoughtfully, ensuring all new members of the team understand the company’s policies and expectations. All team members should feel comfortable entering a new workplace environment and have access to the support and resources necessary for success.

Team meetings are also essential for promoting equality among workers. Everyone should have a chance to speak their mind openly and respectfully and offer ideas or suggestions for improvement or change. By actively listening to every team member equally, better decisions can be made that benefits everyone involved.


Make positive steps with TIDA

We are a training provider using The Inclusive Diversity Approach (TIDA) throughout our online educational videos and courses.

We can help you and your team discover new ways to develop more conscious and caring attitudes that will benefit the workplace and our communities. Through our training, we offer everyone the chance to self-develop and progress towards fairer thought patterns and actions, making positive adjustments to help create a more equal, diverse and inclusive workplace and society.

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On-demand and unlimited learning

Online learning

Our innovative learning solutions are tailored for individual learners and groups, ensuring everyone has access to training opportunities. On top of this, our online platform allows you to access on-demand courses whenever you need them – no matter where or when!


In-house group learning

Hire our videos and develop your own in-house learning. Our on-demand training videos allow you and your team to access essential courses whenever convenient – no limits or restrictions. You can ensure successful induction processes, regular team development goals and more with our comprehensive virtual learning system!


Learning Journey

Make your learning as easy and enjoyable as possible

At TIDA, we respect that everyone learns differently. Therefore, we have incorporated text with visuals and professional audio into some of our training courses.

Our courses should be accessible to everyone. You can find yourself a relaxing space to sit and learn, or you can listen to our courses while you are on the move. Either way, these courses are designed to suit you and enhance your learning journey with us.

We want your learning experience to be as easy and enjoyable as possible.


Final thoughts

In short, creating an atmosphere of equality in the workplace is paramount for teams to thrive and be successful.

Fair recruitment practices and thoughtful inductions help ensure that experienced candidates are given fair opportunities, and all team members are respected from day one. In addition, quality conversations at regular team meetings give everyone a chance to contribute ideas in an equal environment, all of which lead to greater efficiency in problem-solving, improved communication between teammates, stronger morale, better productivity and ultimately better results!

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