Do you know want to ensure you are doing your best to treat everyone fairly?

Although we can’t all look at life using the same lens and hold the same views and values, we can all make positive changes to ensure we are progressing towards fairer thought patterns and actions.

There are positive adjustments we can all make to create a more equal, diverse and inclusive society that is free from discrimination and racism. One of these first steps is learning about bias behaviour in ourselves and others.


Introducing our new course: 

This course will provide you with an understanding of conscious and unconscious bias and how it is formed as part of our human nature. You will learn how our brain is quick to stereotype people and how we naturally have preferences for people and things. You will learn that prejudice and stereotyping can lead to discrimination and how to recognise your own and other people’s bias behaviour. Assumptive bias behaviour can cause people to miss opportunities and makes way for unfair treatment. The course will show you how to self-reflect and check your motivations so that your biases do not become a problem for other people.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the meaning of conscious and unconscious bias.
  • Gain a clear understanding of how we all naturally stereotype and how bias is formed.
  • Understand the term in-group and out-group.
  • Learn how prejudice, stereotyping and bias can lead to discrimination.
  • Learn about discrimination and the impact it has on individuals and our society.
  • Learn to recognise workplace bias.
  • Understand how you can recognise your bias patterns and make changes to reduce your bias behaviour.

The course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn more and make some positive changes in their workplace and community.

Why choose us? 

We offer online training courses using the inclusive diversity approach (tida). tida will help you and your team discover new ways to develop more conscious and caring attitudes that will benefit your workplace and our communities. Through a series of online courses, we offer everyone the chance to self-develop and progress towards fairer thought patterns and actions, making positive adjustments to help create a more equal, diverse and inclusive society free from discrimination and racism.


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