The British Government is attempting to introduce legislation that could significantly impact our right to public protest. The Equality and Human Rights Commission has expressed its concerns in an informative blog post. Read here: The Public Order Bill will have a chilling effect on democratic freedom | Equality and Human Rights Commission (

With the Government’s controversial Public Order Bill making its way through Parliament, it is critical to consider whether prosecuting protesters is a step too far. The Equality and Human Rights Commission blog offers an in-depth look at this timely issue–in noting both sides of the argument– and helps bring into focus what could be seen as a potential infringement on basic human rights.

people peaceful prtest

Protesting is a powerful method of enacting social change and amplifying the voices of those who feel unheard or overlooked. In response to feelings of injustice, people can join forces in protest as an expression of their discontentment with current governmental policies that may not reflect the public’s best interests. Ultimately, protests are vital to ensuring equality and justice for all citizens everywhere.

Protests have the potential to create meaningful, lasting change – and this resource provides an insightful look into Britain’s past of social activism: 9 Famous Moments in British Protest History – Oxford Royale Academy (

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